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Meet Krista

I am passionate about health and fitness (and food!). As a registered dietitian, I provide you with the tools to make changes and be proactive about your health. I am married to my best friend and we have two amazing girls. I know what it's like to try to eat healthy while balancing work and a busy family life. I am excited to help you accomplish your nutrition goals! 

Let's Work Together



I provide in-depth 1:1 nutrition coaching via secure video or phone.




Not ready to commit to a package but still need some help? Check out my meal plans!




I also offer corporate wellness presentations and packages. Contact me to see how I can help! 


*Practice is close to capacity, contact now for availability.


 "Krista Feagans Nutrition has saved my sanity and possibly my life! Being in "that time" of my life, and not recognizing the body I was inhabiting, I was nearly at my wits end when I reached out to Krista to see what exactly was going on with my inability to lose weight and all the symptoms tied up with being a menopausal woman. Krista ordered tests for me that in black and white spelled out EXACTLY what was happening and from there has made suggestions and recommendations that are helping me make actual change. What I love most about Krista is that her scientific approach to my issues is coated with a genuine layer of caring and true desire to help. She is non-judgmental and offers many different approaches to achieving short term and long term goals, and I am so thankful I found her to help guide me. I give Krista Feagans Nutrition the highest marks possible and heartily recommend her to anyone looking to understand their body and feel better while living in it. 



"I was a patient of Krista's for close to four years. Initially I was close to thirty pounds heavier than when I moved across country out of Krista's area. My dietitian/patient relationship involved office conferences, video, and telephone visits. Through all of this I feel I was educated to eat more healthy meals with a better balance of vegetables, meats, and fruits. I came with a [diagnosis] of lymph edema due to Filariasis. This condition caused retention of fluids and subsequent weight gain. This could complicate the dietitian's assessment of the patient, yet through Krista's counsel and advice she was able to guide me into significant weight loss and healthier dining. She has an excellent personal ability to make me feel at ease and is always encouraging me to stay on target without ever being overbearing, I recommend her services to anyone desiring dietary counseling."


"As a veteran that has worked with Mrs. Feagans, I found her to be very professional, very knowledgeable and most helpful in my journey recovering from cancer twice and two strokes. I had gained upwards of 40 pounds from lack of exercise and a very unhealthy diet. Krista understood my need to lose weight with no ability to do any meaningful exercise, it had to come through diet. She put forth not only a diet plan but educated me on how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. It was very successful and within the first year I had lost 30 pounds. I highly recommend anybody who needs help with their diet that they see Krista Feagans. I give her my highest recommendation, 5 stars, A pleasure to work with."


 "Motivating, Encouraging, Inspiring!

When I think about Krista and the personal goals she has helped, and continues to help me reach, these words just begin to explain what she does. 

As a veteran, while I was undergoing some very difficult treatments for conditions/injuries I had sustained, Krista's nutritional advice to promote healing and her workout suggestions to maintain and build muscle were invaluable. Thank you!" 


"Krista has the experience and knowledge to put together an excellent dietary plan to meet your needs. She has great (and easy) meal planning ideas and recipes to help keep you on track. She's pleasant, efficient, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!"


Contact Me

Thanks for reaching out, I'll be in contact soon! In the meantime, please look for nutrition tips and recipes in your inbox.

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